Startup – How do You Stop the Sunday Buzzing Head?

Week four of my startup journey is upon me and I hardly slept a wink last night! I’m not a great sleeper but in the past couple of years I’ve managed to switch my brain off at bedtime. Last night was different…

A Million Miles Per Hour

Every little thing I need to do this week was flying round and round my brain. A lot of it was driven by excitement and the urge to just get going. I hardly slept and the funny thing is, I don’t feel shattered today (that may kick in later!). I’m not sure how to stop it happening again but in a way it was useful as it helped me prioritise my work for the week.  Pros and cons to a buzzy head!


I’m sure writing a list before putting my head down would help. Maybe a walk? Maybe a triple whisky. That’s what Don would do…

What about you? What do you do to shut of the brain and rest it for the week ahead? Please do leave an answer in the comments below…

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8 responses to “Startup – How do You Stop the Sunday Buzzing Head?

  1. I’m a terrible sleeper for the same types of reasons, and I’ve found somethin that works for me.

    Lay in an uncomfortable position for a while. I cant sleep on my back, so i’ll lay on it. When i get uncomfortable enough i’ll roll over to my stomach and be so comfortable i fall asleep.

    It’s kind of weird but it works.

  2. Given the other – small but noisy 🙂 – committment in your life, you need to train yourself to get some sleep. Babies don’t understand ‘Dad’s on deadline’ or ‘Dad’s been up buzzing about work’ when they need/want fed or played with 🙂

  3. The terrible typo I just made being proof of what happens when you try to have it all 🙂

  4. I read somewhere that this woman who runs her own business sleeps with a notepad beside her bed so that whenever she has a idea in the night she writes it down and it clears her head so she can get a good nights sleep! P.S i love your blog’s, you’re a very good writer!! 🙂

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