Diary of a new entrepreneur – Week 4 (24.08.12)

Four weeks. Wow…

Time Flies!

In the grand scheme of things, four weeks is nothing, however a lot can happen in that time and it certainly has for me. Time can slip away and I’ve been trying to take stock of what I am managing to achieve within certain time periods and bursts of focus. I’m keeping a day by day tracker of the time I’m spending on the numerous tasks required in order to get this show on the road and have found that a great help in maintaining sharp focus.

Site Taking Shape

I was presented with the flat visuals for my site yesterday and they blew me away! My designer has really captured the brief and I’m going to be proud to put the site out there as the face of my business. These things can take serious amounts of time to get right and I have to say I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been writing briefs for a long time which does help.

Signing Up at The Bank

I’m literally just back from a long session with my Barclays business manager – getting accounts sorted and seeing how else they can help out. Have to say it was a really beneficial meeting and I like the noises they are making about their commitments to startups.


I’ve been invited to a number of networking events in the past few weeks and have been turning them down. I want to be able to go to (valuable!) events and really talk to people about the business, but until the brand and proposition is really out there, I feel it would be a waste of time as I’d be giving people half answers which would create a bit of a strange conversation. Networking is a funny thing really, I’ve been to more rotten events than good, as a new entrepreneur I need to make sure any time I spend is truly valuable. It is of course often the case that you don’t know how these events are until you go and try one out. Something I’ve noticed over the years is that the same people often frequent the same small amount of events and it becomes more a social event. Nothing wrong with some informal stuff of course, but it pays to be selective!


Wondering why there is a photo of cheese at the top of this post? Me too…

That’s all for this week folks! Good luck.

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4 responses to “Diary of a new entrepreneur – Week 4 (24.08.12)

  1. I really enjoy following your story. Glad everyhing’s working out for you!

  2. Hi Mike, really enjoying this blog. Sounds like things are shaping up nicely for you.

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