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Rooms, mood hoovers, hubub and the effects on our work…

Where do you work?

I have the corner of an office which has very kindly been donated to me as I build my business. It is great to have a place that I can go to and get my head down and work. However, it doesn’t always suit me. See, there is another business in the room, their phones ring, they have conversations that I’m not part of related to their work, and my intuitive nature finds it hard to block it all out. That’s not their fault in anyway. I find this environment completely ok when I am doing admin, responding to emails etc etc. However, I can’t work effectively in it when I need to do the more creative parts of my job.

What do I need to be creative?

Noise. But a certain type of noise. This type of noise is the noise that is produced by a coffee shop. You know the noise I mean, you could describe it as ‘hubub’. People talking, coffee being made, background music that you hear but can ignore. I don’t know what it is about that environment, but it allows me to do my best creative work.

I’m currently reading the excellent ‘Decoded‘, by Phil Barden. It is a book about the science of marketing and why people buy. There’s a line from it I really like:

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Startup – How do You Stop the Sunday Buzzing Head?

Week four of my startup journey is upon me and I hardly slept a wink last night! I’m not a great sleeper but in the past couple of years I’ve managed to switch my brain off at bedtime. Last night was different…

A Million Miles Per Hour

Every little thing I need to do this week was flying round and round my brain. A lot of it was driven by excitement and the urge to just get going. I hardly slept and the funny thing is, I don’t feel shattered today (that may kick in later!). I’m not sure how to stop it happening again but in a way it was useful as it helped me prioritise my work for the week.  Pros and cons to a buzzy head!

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