Diary of a new entrepreneur – Week 3 (17.08.12)

Week 3 is all but over and it has been a real education…

Admin Admin Admin

Admin is a word that nobody really likes. It rarely involves anything fun. This week I have been through some pretty important admin – registering my business for tax, VAT and as an employer. All vital tasks that did take up some serious time. Worth noting that the online HMRC system (UK) is clunky as hell and will frustrate you. There is a blend of online forms and paper forms that have to be completed in order to finalise everything. God forbid you have to phone them for any clarity – I was passed around departments and each person sounded so disinterested. Working for the man will do that to you. Once all was completed I did have a sense of accomplishment. All major admin complete! Now back to the exciting stuff…

I’ve Nailed the Logo

I mentioned branding last week and my awesome designer had given me 8 logo options to chose from. I’ve now picked one and have to say it is superb. She has nailed the look and feel and I feel that it truly represents the visual impression I want my business to put out there. A bit of advice – print off the logo you think you like best and leave it around in places you will often see it, the bathroom for example! If it you like it at first glance every time, there is a fair chance it is the one for you. You can also take two and leave them in different places, meaning you can compare your reaction to both. Making the choice and settling on it has really excited me and made things even more real.

Site Time

Now that the brand identity is sorted, I’ll be spending a lot of time next week with the web developer and designer working towards getting the website for the business up and running. I have written all of the required copy and been over it at least 10 times, each time refining and cutting bits out. A wise process to follow!

Till next time folks…

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