Diary of a new entrepreneur – week one (August 2012)

I’ve reached the end of my first week setting up my digital marketing and communications consultancy. Everything has been a little bit accelerated after the agency I was working for kindly allowed me to cut my notice period short. I announced my breaking from employment via Twitter that day and within hours I had people contacting me wishing to (potentially) use my services. The fire that gave me in my belly was huge! This week has been a mixture of nailing down the name of my business, getting tech sorted, meeting with potential clients and writing of proposals. It is hard to describe the feeling when I wake up every morning knowing that everything I do that day is going towards building my own business. I’ve always wanted to do this and now that I am starting out, I have to say it feels very natural.

The Name Game

The toughest task so far has been naming the business. Every name I came up with already existed. I wanted something that would sum up the digital world, make an impact and of course be memorable. It then came to me as I was reading a book – the title of which really appealed, I thought there was no way it would be free. I thought wrong and it was. I’m keeping that underwraps for now. The company is now officialy registered, I did it online with Companies House and it fely bloomin’ great!


It is worth pointing out at this stage that I have ensured that I am working strict hours. I think many people assume that when you set out on your own, you just start and end your day when you feel like it. To me, that would be the worst possible precedent to set for a new business.

Focus on Getting Things Going

The initital interest that came my way was welcomed and very much appreciated. I’ve now ‘cleared the decks’ on those and need to focus on getting the business set up – really defining my services, pricing, building the brand, site and writing the forward plan. This will take me up to September (with someproject work inbetween), when I will be ready to fully launch the business. Exciting times…


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